‘Start your Spring Clean’ Juice


A little recipe to put a spring in your step:

4 x Apples
1 x Lemon
2 x Limes

Put through the juicer and empty into a tall glass. Perfect for breakfast before you start, drink on an empty stomach.




It’s a girl!

via weheartit.com

via weheartit.com

We’ve just had some wonderful news: Lucy Miller has had a baby girl. Lucy came to stay last year to do the Fertility Enhancement Detox Plan, and we pulled out all the stops as we do for all our fertility clients to set the ball rolling. Poor Lucy was so up and down as we tried to balance her hormones and keep her focused.

But with a little bit of Vivien’s magic the results have arrived.  Congratulations Lucy and Mark – and welcome Lacie Olivia! I can’t wait to meet this lovely little baby who I’ve felt a connection with since conception – and I hope this will inspire those ladies out there who are struggling to conceive to take a leaf out of Lucy’s book and keep their bodies in tip top condition. It’s also so important to keep a positive focus on the outcome because it can, and does, happen!

I have many, many stories to tell from over the years of little miracles like Lacie. Congratulations from Vivien and all the team at Simply Healing.

Oh, but before we go, here’s a little juice to keep you mums going through the night feeds:

Avocado, plum and pear

6 Plums

2 Pears

1 Avocado (peeled and stoned)

Press through the juicer and enjoy a bit of night time revival.

Just juice

ImageEarlier this week we suggested red plum and apple juice – it’s a great combination served chilled on a sweltering day. Why not try to blend your own flavours? Always use the fruits that catch your eye with their colour and freshness – and trust your body when it tells you what to eat.

But if you need a helping hand here’s another suggestion. Grab a few sun-ripened peaches and add a large fig. Push though the juicer for a fresh, smooth juice.

When you’ve drained the glass, dip your finger in and lick it clean!

From your juice alchemist,


Make Mum’s Day


Simply Healing have created a couple of recipes for our hardworking mums this Mother’s Day; easy to follow by kids of all ages! Pour one of these delicious treats into a long glass with a pretty stirrer and serve up to Mum this Sunday with an order to put her feet up.


Energy booster

3 peaches

3 apricots

1 nectarine


Pass through the juicer and top with a shaving of organic white chocolate.


Stress-busting smoothie (perfect for enjoying with the Sunday papers)

2 bananas (peeled)

2 dates (pitted)

2 apricots

Cup natural bio yoghurt


Whizz in the blender until smooth and top with a few almond flakes.


Get fruity this Valentine’s day

Red juice

Looking for a delicious way to spice up your love life on the 14th? Try our juice recipe:

120g strawberries
75g raspberries
75g blackberries

Pass all of the fruit through a juicer, and top with a shaving of organic dark chocolate. Perfect for sharing with that special someone.

Let us know what you think!