Get your life (and hormones) back in balance


What a statistic: 81% of women, professional or otherwise, are using alcohol to cope with daily stress – whether it be caused by work, family, relationships or just life in general. I’m sure this is not new but we’re more open about it nowadays. What is good news is that so many women are taking control of their health and coming to us for a complete body cleanse to enable them to get back on track. We offer them a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental space to do just that at Simply Healing.

We have been on the case – advising our clients about the best detox cleanse for them, not just one programme that fits all. Our newly devised Hormone Balanced Detox Cleanse can help you to focus on a more balanced lifestyle. We have created a very special detox plan for women who have reached a crisis point with the menopause. This is one of the many emails that we receive on a daily basis:

“I am 51, and my health in recent months has not been good. I am very tired and have aches and pains everywhere and a huge bloated stomach. I am thirty to forty pounds overweight, my hair has turned to wire wool and I am often crabby and seem to be premenstrual every day. My skin is dry like parchment and I am consuming a bottle of wine every night to cope. A bit of a wreck, you could say. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?”

Over the years we have seen many, many women whose children have left the nest, whose partners don’t understand, whose bosses don’t understand and who are told nothing but “you’re menopausal” so they struggle along trying all sorts of different formulas, from HRT to complimentary therapies – and while some work, some don’t. From our dealings with hormone issues we have been able to gauge how to help symptoms like: mood swings, weight gain, insomnia, hot flushes, dry skin, dry hair, brittle nails, frequented visits to the loo (and the list goes on and on). All of these symptoms can lead to lack of self-esteem and sometimes it is very hard to see your way forward.

We can help you, yes we can! A bit of advice – start by cutting down on the wine, and make a juice instead. A fresh apple, pear, lemon and ginger juice can bring up your blood sugar so that your sugar cravings lessen. Take time out, kick off those shoes, put your feet up for ten minutes, and forget the kettle. This juice will rehydrate your body. 

Read more about Simply Healing Centre’s juice cleanses

Love Vivien


A story

Oh, have we been busy! We’ve been polishing and dusting, buffing them up and sending them home in tip top condition. The testimonials are an indication of how toxic, stressed and tired people really are. Testimonials from Clair and Caroline are just two of the many comments and stories that we have received recently (you can read more stories on the testimonials page on our website).

My philosophy is hard work always pays – me and the girls have been pushing, pulling, cajoling and soothing the very toxic bodies that arrive to us. I’d like to tell you a story about one lovely lady in particular who spent 16 days with us. She arrived unable to walk or climb the stairs, she was six stone overweight and was very unhappy. She had a carrier bag full of pills and potions and as she flopped on the bed after a four hour drive to us our hearts went out to her. Why would she allow herself to totally lack self-preservation? I said to the girls ‘roll up your sleeves – we have a big task on here.’

After a couple of days we realised that she was unable to sleep at night so her body clock was never understanding the time of day. The first three days she found it so difficult to find any energy to walk or participate but gradually as she started to lose weight and detox we saw this beautiful woman emerging which helped us to keep the momentum going. We arranged different activities and treatments with no cat-napping allowed to give her body clock time to readjust. She was soon sleeping throughout the night, helping to break the cycle that she had got into.

By walking in the day to enhance her treatments suddenly she got it, and embraced the detox plan fully. She was now brighter, clearer and having a conversation with her family which she hadn’t done for many years. Her confidence was returning and the walks became longer; the weight was dropping off fast. Her biggest desire was to attend her daughter’s wedding in a beautiful outfit that she felt a million dollars in, being able to walk from the car park to the church and back, and the thought of being able to dance the night away. By the middle of the second week she was doing three hour walks in our beautiful countryside up hill and down dale. One of her concerns was how she was going to continue outside of Simply Healing so we gave her lots of information and support to help her keep up the positive effects of her hard work.

The end result for her was a totally new way of looking after herself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. As we waved goodbye we all knew that she would continue her quest for health and happiness and we all wished her well with the satisfaction of a good job well done.

Enjoy the weather (imagine yourself walking along a country lane on a sunny, warm day without a care in the world),



Summer at last


The sunbeds are out under the cherry tree and up on the hill at Simply Healing all is well. Past and new friends have been enjoying the outstanding views across the countryside and taking in lots of nourishing vitamin D. Sipping on a nice cool strawberry and watermelon juice in the sun – what could be better?

Straw hat

Evening walks are the perfect finish to a sunny day. There’s nothing quite like country lanes in the dappled light. So all is well, except for the two lovely sisters who decided to do a late walk without their phones, without a map, without telling us and without filling in the walkers’ book at the front door (naughty)! They went on an adventure, exploring the woodland and country lanes around us. Three hours later in the pitch dark they managed to find their way back. The doors were locked and everybody was sound asleep so after much stone throwing, whistling, singing and calling lovely Kate came to their rescue and soon everybody came to the door laughing and giggling about their adventure.

The tale was told over a lovely juice for breakfast and gave everyone such a great boost and filled the room with laughter. Lesson learned – don’t go out exploring without telling us!

We have some amazing groups that bond in so many ways, and this week’s group is no exception. We’ve got a really interesting mix of twelve people in, all with a common goal – to detox. They’ve been exceptional in their determination to do everything they can to recover their health, to lose weight, to relax and rest – and we’ve had laughter all the way. At this moment they’re fighting over who is going to get the Biodroga Anti-Age collagen boost treatment which is now on offer from the MD range.

We love this product – the visible results are stunning and, like all products in the MD range, it’s natural and paraben free. Watch this space for our results – because who doesn’t want lovely glowing skin like this?


Spring cleaning


How different everything looks when we wake up and go to bed in daylight. I don’t know if any of you saw the brilliant golden moon two days ago, which was so bright and beautiful at 4am that one of our guests got up to take a photo. How different life can look when we have more light.

The seasons of light can have a huge impact on the physical body. Increased light has the power to help chase away those old blues – but it also shows up all those windows that need cleaning. We see what we’ve accumulated through the winter days and nights, and what needs addressing.

There are 42 rooms at Simply Healing, so as you can imagine  the window cleaning is a mammoth task. But recently those dull windows have had a spring clean and are sparkling.

It’s not just the house that needs spring cleaning, though – the body does too. When you take off your boots and remove those layers of jumpers you may realise that your body has taken on a few pounds and a whole host of toxins. So at this time of year there’s nothing better than to take some time for yourself to give your body back its sparkle.

You can start your spring clean before you arrive. Wake up with a mug of hot water and lemon – it’s the best possible beginning to your spring cleaning regime. Afford yourself a bit of extra time in the morning to enjoy the early sunlight. Make yourself a juice (recipe coming soon).

England’s weather is so changeable that we never know when we’ll need to layer up or peel off. It seems like we’re always trying to decide when to light the log fires and when to open the windows, whether to wheel out the sun loungers or put warm blankets on the sofas… We feel like weather vanes, constantly trying to detect the way the wind’s blowing! But of course we must value the unique climate we have here in England, because the changing seasons bring great beauty. And particularly our little microclimate on the hill at Simply Healing.

And now for some exciting client news. Mother and daughter Caroline and Caelia were detoxing here last week in preparation for Caelia’s wedding day – which is today. They left us glowing on a perfect spring Tuesday, having been rubbed, scrubbed, lotioned and potioned to within an inch of their lives. Caelia said ‘I just hope the weather will be like this on my wedding day’ and I said I’d get my magic wand out for her… And lo and behold, having had two cold days, today the sun shone for the beautiful bride and her future husband, who are getting married in a magical castle not far from here. We wish them lots of happiness and look forward to seeing the photos!

Get ready to sparkle (preferably with these two helping)…



Simply ready for every eventuality

We have had an amazing winter here at Simply Healing, detoxing and relaxing around the log fires with our great guests. And now spring, if we can call it that (ha ha) has arrived; the gorgeous daffodils are in full bloom all around us in the garden. The birds are singing, brightening our day, and the colourful green woodpecker is busy making holes in the apple tree (can you spot him?)…


The white barn owl who lives up the road flies regularly over our fields hunting for his family’s supper. He seems to be quite an exhibitionist, delighting our guests with his displays – and with binoculars and cameras at the ready they have been capturing this rare sight (but quite usual for us):


It has made us all more aware of how lucky we are to be living and working in such a beautiful environment. Nature at its best. Now we’re just hoping that the avenue of chestnut trees that line the drive are in recovery.

Fawlty Towers moments at Simply Healing never cease to make us (and our guests) laugh. One guest (who we will not name), who has never had the pleasure of a real log fire, spent her days reading, relaxing and replenishing the fire with logs. Of course we kept a very keen eye on her at first as the logs were a bit precarious. But as time went on she became a master – or so we thought! Before retiring for the night I did my usual check of all the fires, the fire in the main sitting room faintly glimmering. Just by chance Kate and I decided to watch ten minutes of TV. Then we heard the dreaded beep of the alarm. Poor Kate had just made a visit to the bathroom as the alarm control panel started to beep, and not long after, all forty two alarms went full pelt. Kate rushed upstairs to make sure all was well and assembled everyone in the hall. They all came down to the hall in their dressing gowns, with car keys, handbags and coats in tow.

When checking where the problem had occurred, we discovered the main sitting room thick with grey smoke, the result of a log having fallen slightly forward. After reassuring the girls that it was only smoke, myself and Hermione (one of our regular guests) opened all the windows, but still the alarms rang. We then decided to do a fan dance, jumping up and down using brochures and magazines to clear the smoke. Eventually it cleared. Everybody gathered in the hallway and we had such a laugh about the things that they decided to rescue. We spent an hour laughing at how we dealt with the situation – it was a real release.

Kate and I tucked everybody back into bed and reassured them that we would sit up for the next hour until the alarms had settled down. Never a dull moment here at Simply Healing – we really should make a TV series.

Laughter is the best tonic!


Simply Fertility


When previous guests at Simply Healing send us photos of their treasured babies all you can hear in the place is “oh”, “aah”, “sweet”, “beautiful” “lovely!”. It is always a joy when our clients let us know that they have been successful in conceiving after doing our Fertility Enhancement Plan.

We take great interest for the next nine months until the baby is born and we always look forward to the photos. Over the years there have been so many and the photo gallery is always growing.

I had a surprise meeting when I was out shopping recently. Someone called out “Hello Vivien!” and I have to say it took me all of several seconds to recognise the face. Her words were: “do you remember me?” and I said “I do – the mother of the  twins!” who incidentally are now 12 years old – George and Harry. I clearly remember her bringing them to see me when they were about nine months old, her husband and herself being thrilled to have such beautiful boys and to thank me for my support, help and healing.

I have many lovely stories just like this one and it always warms my heart when I know that myself and the Simply Healing team have played a part in another family’s joy.

Spring is in the air and that means another bumper crop will on its way soon!




A big log fire and twenty candles in the lounge – what a wonderful scene. There was a but, though – we were in the middle of a power cut!

Luckily, this hadn’t put a dampener on our guests’ moods, who, despite having just met at Simply Healing, stayed sitting around the fire chatting like old friends. The Simply Healing team kept up the great British spirit and improvised with some delicious juices and warming broths. Hot water bottles wrapped up in fleecy blankets and tucked into the bottom left hand oven: voila – cosy beds for the night. Thank goodness for Mr Aga!

While candles in storm lanterns cast their soft light around the house, Kate and I improvised behind the scenes. Just good, old-fashioned conversation – getting to know each other and sharing life’s stories. What an interesting way to start a detox; and how understanding our guests were in appreciating all of our efforts.

We sent them off to bed with herbal teas with a little dash of cinnamon. No computers or internet, just quiet time.

The electricity returned eventually – thank goodness – but some of us still sat by the fire and enjoyed some magic moments together that recalled the days when storytelling was an art form. Lovely.